April 29, 2017 — People’s Climate March comes to San Diego!

“To change everything, we need everyone.”

That was the slogan of the 400,000-strong People’s Climate March that rocked New York City a little over two years ago. That massive march was mirrored by sister city marches around the country and throughout the world.

On that date, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets everywhere, bringing the climate discussion to the forefront. That march helped drive the Paris Climate Agreement forward. It also laid the groundwork for former President Obama’s important decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

But that hasn’t been enough. Our planet is getting warmer. Our nation is increasingly divided. The climate and the environment, long under attack, have never been as threatened, or as delicate, as in this moment.

The planet and our local San Diego County communities need our help — now, more than ever.
That’s why…

We’re not backing down. We’re rising up.
Join us on April 29th!

Another massive climate march is going to take place in April. This time the main march will be in Washington, DC with mirror marches in cities around the world. We’ll be building a movement in San Diego, too, just like we did over two years ago. This time, however, these actions aren’t just marches. They’re mobilizations calling on us to resist, build, and rise up a movement that will extend far beyond the April 29th day of action.


April 29th will mark the first hundred days of Trump’s presidency. Around the nation, people have been pushing back on Trump’s attack on our families, our communities, and our Earth. If you’re thinking, in this new era of Trump, “This ain’t normal, folks!” — then we need your input. You can help! Do you want to join the resistance that will tell truth to power and stand strong with us as we move toward April 29?

YES, I want to resist!


As we resist, we also build. April 29th will mark the beginning of an exciting mobilization — a launching — to continue our fight for a better world, a world no longer addicted to fossil fuels. We will wage this struggle on the local, state, and national levels. Join us to help build this mobilization from the bottom up. Whether this is your first time or you’ve worked on things like this before, your presence will be a valuable addition to our work. Wouldn’t you like to help us build momentum?

YES, I want to build!

Rising Up

We’ll build the movement by rising together as we support frontline communities in San Diego County, greater California, and across the nation — pushing forward our vision for economic and environmental justice for everyone. Do you want to join the mobilization as we rise up together to build a better future for everyone?

YES, I want to rise up!

Big challenges face us in the coming months. That’s why we’re thinking big. And that’s why we’re willing to take big risks as we rise together, building a movement that demands climate justice for all. But we can’t do it without you.

As Governor Brown said,

“Democracy doesn’t come from the top; it starts and spreads in the hearts of the people…. California is not turning back. Not now. Not ever.”

We agree. We’re resisting, building and rising from the ground up, and we won’t back down. Won’t you join us, our partners, and our friends to help make a better world for all of us?

YES: Count me in!