Why I March – by Rick Bramhall

I am mainly worried about how climate change will affect humans, my own species, but I also care about other species. I just love being out in nature, whether it’s a romp through Presidio Park in the heart of the city or wandering unnamed canyons out in Anza Borrego. There’s nothing like being away from humans to relieve stress.

There’s just something about green expanses and blue skies to calm my internal struggles. I love it when all I can hear is the soft sound of a light breeze through leaves and the individual song of each bird as it flits from branch to branch. When I can stand in one place, turn completely around and see no signs of man-made structures, that’s when I feel at peace.

I fully believe it’s biological. When our ancestors could hear the murmur of a nearby creek they knew there was fresh water available. When they could see nothing but blue sky above and birds singing lustily, they knew they were blessed with a patch of clear weather.

I wish this for every human being that sees me march: that they get to experience some of the sights I’ve seen: a field full of butterflies all coming out of their cocoons the at same time, a pair of groundsquirrel pups tumbling in the dust as they play together, the sight of a male tarantula dancing outside the hole of a female, hoping to gain acceptance.

I also wish this for everyone in the world who has children and grandchildren: I hope those children get to raise their own kids and grandkids in a world that’s not on the brink of death.

Please join me at the People’s Climate March on April 29.