Rebel With a Cause: Masada Disenhouse and Saturday’s People’s Climate March San Diego- by Ken Stone

…her life’s work is averting mass extinction.

On Saturday, Disenhouse will help lead People’s Climate March San Diego — one of three dozen sister marches in the state and more than 130 across the country (and dozens worldwide) anchored by one in Washington.

“Roughly 2,000 people are currently RSVP’d,” she said of the Waterfront Park event west of the County Administration Center. “In 2014 [at the last climate march], we had about 700 people RSVP’d and had 1,500 show up.”

In light of the March for Science last weekend — where as many as 15,000 rallied downtown — is she concerned Saturday’s turnout might be anticlimactic?

“I think many people are coming out to [climate march] events for the first time and are really enthusiastic, and I think we’ll get a big turnout,” the La Mesan said via email. “We were at the science march and did a lot of flyering, so we’re hopeful many of those participants will also come to the climate march.” …read the full article at