Contacts:  Bill Wellhouse (619) 201-9002
Mark Hughes (858) 245-8028
Spanish version available here.


Marchers will call for resisting Trump’s climate-denying policies and urge strong local action, including 100% clean energy, in solidarity with Washington DC and sister marches.

San Diego, CA – On April 29, thousands of San Diegans will join the People’s Climate March (PCM) under the slogan “Healthy People, Healthy Communities, Healthy Earth”. They will call on local leaders to support a just and rapid transition to 100% clean energy and to oppose federal efforts to rollback climate policies that protect our families. The local march, organized by a coalition of environmental, social justice, labor, and faith organizations, takes place in solidarity with the People’s Climate Mobilization on the same day in Washington DC. Hundreds of other sister marches will also be held around the country and the world.

The San Diego PCM will run from 10 am to 2 pm, beginning with a rally at Waterfront Park, in front of the County Administration Building. Speakers include Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, San Diego Councilmember David Alvarez, and Rev. J. Lee Hill, Jr., Senior Pastor of the Christian Fellowship Congregational Church (United Church of Christ). Live music, a Native American ceremony, and a Kid’s Zone with games and facepainting will be featured. The opening speeches will be followed by a short loop march, and after regrouping at the park, additional speakers and a call for action. The event will conclude with live performances, information booths, and other activities.

According to SanDiego350’s Mark Hughes, the People’s Climate March is a call to action. “We’re all in this together,” he said. “We must protect our health and be good stewards of our planet. San Diego can lead the state and the nation. We will march on April 29 for climate justice, clean energy jobs, and the health of our communities. And as we must, we will be louder and stronger than ever before.”

Organizers say that the administration’s failure to take climate change seriously denies San Diegans – and their children and grandchildren – the nation’s enshrined freedom to pursue the American dream. Coming on the 100th day of the Trump administration, this march rejects the policies that threaten our freedom, future, health, and communities: policies that reject climate science and strip protections based on gender, race, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

The People’s Climate March is a call to action to stand up to the Trump administration and Congress, to protect loved ones and the Earth and support our fundamental human rights: to live, survive, and thrive. These rights are threatened when we are denied access to clean air and water, healthy food, as well as access to housing, education, and jobs. Organizers affirm the right to access not only clean air, clean water, and healthy food, but also affordable, convenient public transportation, and housing; a living wage; and justice and equality for all.

The fossil fuel economy and the looming climate crisis directly impact San Diegans’ quality of life, and communities of color are disproportionately and unjustly affected. Diane Takvorian, Executive Director of Environmental Health Coalition, a key organization involved in planning the event stated “All parents want opportunities for their children. Sadly, low income communities of color in San Diego are hit first and worst by the harmful effects of pollution and climate change. Children in the communities of Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, and southeastern San Diego go to the emergency room for asthma-related causes at almost 3 times the rate of San Diego children overall. We must take action to protect all children.”

PCM organizers support policies that reduce energy consumption, defund fossil fuel projects, minimize pollution from transportation, and invest in 100% locally-made clean energy that creates green jobs. The march endorses legislation in the California Senate to achieve 100% clean energy by 2045, and supports the water protectors in North Dakota and their rallying cry: “Water is life!”

To prepare for the PCM, the organizers are holding multiple art and volunteer outreach events that are open to members of the public, details of which are available at PCM organizers are also supporting the Science March on April 22nd and the Labor Justice march on May 1st.

College students Mukta Kelkar (UC San Diego), Willow Lark (SDSU) and Eduardo Moncada (Mesa College), who are working to mobilize a large student contingent for the PCM, said in a joint statement “As college students majoring in environmental and political sciences, we strongly feel that climate change is a pressing issue, and we have to act as soon as possible in order to prevent the worst case scenarios. We must defend the Environmental Protection Agency, champion funding for climate research, support clean energy initiatives, and we must build coalitions with others who share our values. Everyone concerned about the environment must step up and speak out in defense of a healthy, sustainable future for our communities, our land, air, and ocean. Together, we can turn this threat around – there is still time if we act NOW.”


April 29, 2017 — People’s Climate March comes to San Diego!

“To change everything, we need everyone.”

That was the slogan of the 400,000-strong People’s Climate March that rocked New York City a little over two years ago. That massive march was mirrored by sister city marches around the country and throughout the world.

On that date, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets everywhere, bringing the climate discussion to the forefront. That march helped drive the Paris Climate Agreement forward. It also laid the groundwork for former President Obama’s important decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

But that hasn’t been enough. Our planet is getting warmer. Our nation is increasingly divided. The climate and the environment, long under attack, have never been as threatened, or as delicate, as in this moment.

The planet and our local San Diego County communities need our help — now, more than ever.
That’s why…

We’re not backing down. We’re rising up.
Join us on April 29th!

Another massive climate march is going to take place in April. This time the main march will be in Washington, DC with mirror marches in cities around the world. We’ll be building a movement in San Diego, too, just like we did over two years ago. This time, however, these actions aren’t just marches. They’re mobilizations calling on us to resist, build, and rise up a movement that will extend far beyond the April 29th day of action.


April 29th will mark the first hundred days of Trump’s presidency. Around the nation, people have been pushing back on Trump’s attack on our families, our communities, and our Earth. If you’re thinking, in this new era of Trump, “This ain’t normal, folks!” — then we need your input. You can help! Do you want to join the resistance that will tell truth to power and stand strong with us as we move toward April 29?

YES, I want to resist!


As we resist, we also build. April 29th will mark the beginning of an exciting mobilization — a launching — to continue our fight for a better world, a world no longer addicted to fossil fuels. We will wage this struggle on the local, state, and national levels. Join us to help build this mobilization from the bottom up. Whether this is your first time or you’ve worked on things like this before, your presence will be a valuable addition to our work. Wouldn’t you like to help us build momentum?

YES, I want to build!

Rising Up

We’ll build the movement by rising together as we support frontline communities in San Diego County, greater California, and across the nation — pushing forward our vision for economic and environmental justice for everyone. Do you want to join the mobilization as we rise up together to build a better future for everyone?

YES, I want to rise up!

Big challenges face us in the coming months. That’s why we’re thinking big. And that’s why we’re willing to take big risks as we rise together, building a movement that demands climate justice for all. But we can’t do it without you.

As Governor Brown said,

“Democracy doesn’t come from the top; it starts and spreads in the hearts of the people…. California is not turning back. Not now. Not ever.”

We agree. We’re resisting, building and rising from the ground up, and we won’t back down. Won’t you join us, our partners, and our friends to help make a better world for all of us?

YES: Count me in!


The official reportback from the UN meeting and People’s Climate March

By May Boeve –


This weekend, the world stood tall. What I saw on the streets of New York City and in pictures from around the world, was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in its scale, unity and beauty.

This is a short video, but it’s a taste of what I mean:

Yesterday over 125 world leaders met at the UN for the big climate summit. The headline was that more leaders than ever had gathered to talk about this particular issue — but here is what I think is just as important:

When those heads of state walked into the UN, they had the sounds of the largest climate mobilization in world history still ringing in their ears. A huge number of our allies were still in the streets in New York, laying out a strong vision for a transition away from fossil fuels, bringing the fight to polluters, and identifying solutions that are already in progress. Every speaker in the opening ceremony of the summit spoke of the power of our actions this weekend.

World leaders gathered in New York City didn’t plan to sign a new agreement this week. The next important UN gatherings will be in Lima in December 2014 and in Paris in December 2015. Our hope is to use people-power to ratchet up the pressure on these talks, to channel the voices of millions around the world to increase the accountability and ambition of world leaders in these negotiations.

If they are serious at all about doing their democratic and moral duty, they will need to be ambitious indeed — committing to transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy which benefits everyone, and quickly.

The struggle is not around these summits alone. We’ll have to keep pressure on climate polluters and those who invest in them; we’ll have to turn our communities into models for solutions; and we’ll have to convince politicians that their careers are on the line if they don’t act.

Our purpose in marching around the world is to show that without a doubt there is a mandate to act at the level science and justice demand. After this weekend, we can look them in the eye and say that yes, there is — and insist that they join us on the march towards action.

We need to carry this feeling with us as we move forward. Click here to watch the reportback video and see key stats and new articles from around the world.

Thank you, so many times over. It’s an honor to fight alongside you.


P.S. Just an hour ago, we got news that co-founder Bill McKibben (and itself) just won the “Right Livelihood Award,” which is known as the ‘alternative Nobel Prize’ — click here to watch a video from him about the award and what this kind of recognition means for our work together.


Thank You for Being Part of the Largest Climate March in History!

The People’s Climate March San Diego Was a Success!

Together, WE are the solution to the climate crisis.

Yesterday 1,500 San Diegans joined people around the world to support marchers in New York and call for immediate action on climate change here at home. We called for solutions that work for people and the planet – a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewables and energy efficiency, and a just and sustainable economy. We called for a Climate Action Plan for San Diego; developing sustainable water policies, building affordable, convenient mass transit, and facilitating healthy communities; and supporting green jobs and clean energy.

This is just the beginning. To change everything, we need everyone to participate in the growing climate movement.

Start TODAY by taking immediate action. Please join us at City Hall (202 C Street) at 2:00pm to support a strong Climate Action Plan for San Diego. If you can’t be there in person, please call or email your council member to ask them to support the resolution. Please see the SD350 calendar for more information.

Local press coverage of The People’s Climate March San Diego


GET INVOLVED – Help Make History

Volunteer to help make this San Diego’s largest climate march and show our elected officials, businesses and individuals that the time for climate change action is NOW. Join us to help promote the march and rally by making signs, making phone calls, handing out flyers, and more.

Contact Masada Disenhouse at or phone 619-277-4594 and tell us how you want to help.


One Week To Go!

One week from tomorrow, the largest ever global climate action in history will happen: THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH. While the core action is at the U.N. Summit in NYC, we are organizing a tremendous march here in San Diego, one of >1,500 globally. We hope you will join us, and that you can help us get the word out this weekend/week – the more people we turn out, the bigger our impact will be!

That’s why we’re asking YOU and everyone reading this to commit a few hours of volunteering to helping to promote the People’s Climate March.

First, Have you signed up? and

Second, Can you help make this event HUGE?

  • Tell everyone you know. Sample email, social media posts, etc. HERE
  • Make a donation to support the march. Any amount helps. DONATE HERE
  • Help us make phone calls.
    • TOMORROW, Sunday, Sept 14, 1-5pm at Deirdre’s home, 244 W. Brookes Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 (make sure you’re on W Brookes, west of 1st Ave). 619 299-1644 /
    • On your own: Ask for a list, / 619-335-1265
  • Hand out Flyers. Download flyers and posters to print HERE or pick up at our monthly meeting Tuesday. Lots of places to flyer Sunday. Email for ideas.
  • Volunteer for jobs at the march: many available, including sign-in, marshalls, holding banners, and lots more. / 619-335-1265

Third, What to expect? (more info at:

WHEN:     Sunday, Sept 21, beginning 12:30 pm, ending around 3:30 pm.
WHERE:  Start at San Diego City Hall and end at County Waterfront Park.
WHAT:     March and rally with large, colorful signs, banners, costumed characters.
Great music with Steph Johnson, Greg Gross & other local artists.
Speakers: Todd Gloria, David Alvarez, Monique Lopez, Richard Barrera.
Over 50 environmental, health, labor and civic organizations have endorsed.
HOW:       Come by Coaster, trolley, bike (4 organized rides!), walking, or carpooling.

We can’t wait to see you on September 21st for the People’s Climate March!

The SanDiego350 team


Earthdance is the official after-party of The People’s Climate March San Diego!

Join Liquid Blue and others at WINSTONS in Ocean Beach after The People’s Climate March San Diego

Earthdance is a global party for the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. The peace party will be on from 2pm – 10pm and tickets are just $5! The Earthdance Prayer for Peace will be read at 7pm.

Featured Acts

Liquid Blue – these musical emissaries of peace will perform a mix of “conscious covers” as well as original music (all of which is “socially conscious”) including their peace anthem, Earth Passport (Billboard Top-10 dance hit in 2010). Dance to peace/protest anthems by the likes of the U2; Beatles; Green Day; Marley; Springsteen; Marvin Gaye; Neil Young; Pink Floyd and many more. Even Ozzy (ever checked out the lyrics to “War Pigs” or Crazy Train)!

DJ Layla – mixing of socially conscious world beats; house; trance and more, Layla Loxa represents girl power in many ways. She won the World Bodysurfing Championship in 2002 and finished 3rd in the U.S. Surfing Championships in 2003. She toured the world with Liquid Blue as a singer/dancer for many years before becoming a DJ.

MC Gill Sotu – As a performer Gill won the 2012 San Diego Raw Performing Artist Of The Year, 2012 Winner of the San Diego City Anti-Littering Spoken Word Competition, 2008 Semi-Finalist at the National Poetry Slam, 2007 Grand Slam Los Angeles Poetry Champion, 2006 Grand Slam Ventura County Poetry Champion. His debut album Elephant Heart was nominated for 5 Mavric Independent Music Awards. Gill produces and hosts Train Of Thought, a successful open Mic running over 4 years strong. As a host Gill has run stages for, HBO’s Brave New Voices Semi-Final Poetry Competition, CSUN’s Five for Five Talent Competition, ACLU’s Freedom Of Expression Showcase, Fiesta Del Sol Community Stage, and San Diego Indie Fest to name a few.

Guest Speaker – Martin Eder – He is the director of Activist San Diego, which is a social justice organization that promotes and facilitates the development of an active, inter-related, progressive community in San Diego through networking, culture and electronic technology. He is also the founder of KNSJ Radio 89.1 which is a listener-supported, community-based, educational radio station of, by and for the richly diverse people in the San Diego border region. The mission of KNSJ is to provide high quality radio for those people and viewpoints which have traditionally been excluded by the commercial media, especially those cultural, ethnic and social groups who have been historically marginalized.

Guest Speaker – James Summers – He is the president of the San Diego Chapter of Veterans for Peace; a non-profit educational and humanitarian organization of vets dedicated to increasing public awareness of the costs of war. The group works to promote alternatives to war.

EarthDance SanDiego 2014 800


DISRUPTION – Join a Group to Watch the Premiere

This is a BIG month for the climate movement.

Global leaders are meeting at the U.N. to talk about bold climate initiatives — and tens of thousands of people from across the country will meet them in New York for the People’s Climate March on September 21st, to make sure that talk leads to action.

Adding to this momentum, this weekend will bring the world premiere of Disruption — a brand new movie about the science, politics, and movement around climate change. There are a few screenings in San Diego.

Some of these may be BOOKED, so PLEASE contact the event organizer and check on availability.

Event Information:


Time: Sunday, September 7, 7:15 PM

Location: Ward canyon park – San Diego, CA

Get More Info and RSVP Here:


Time: Sunday, September 7, 6:00 PM

Location:14489 Crestwood Ave., Poway 92064

Contact: (858) 842-8384 


Time: Sunday, September 7, 6:00 PM

Location: Alan and Alby’s home

                 141 Beechtree drive, Encinitas

                 Contact: 760-436-2368

Disruption takes you on a fast-paced journey through the tangled world of climate change: the science, the politics, the solutions, and the stories that define this crisis at this pivotal point in human history.

We’ll be watching together in living rooms, church basements, and community centers. The movie is less than an hour long, so afterwards we’ll also have time to discuss what we can do together on this crucial issue.

This is a movie by and for the movement. We’re hoping it will galvanize a new wave of climate action and leadership this fall — starting with the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21st.

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? You can watch it here.

Can’t wait to watch (and march) with you.


Announcing the People’s Climate March San Diego – Sunday, September 21

By Sarah Chase, SanDiego350

Join hundreds of fellow San Diegans to take part in a worldwide movement to demand solutions to the climate crisis from leaders in the United Nations, and our leaders here at home. Come with neighbors, friends, and family. Get ready to be a part of something HUGE.

In September, world leaders will be in New York City for a United Nations summit on the climate crisis. With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll take a stand to bend the course of history. Hundreds of thousands will come together for the People’s Climate March and take to the streets of New York City to demand the world we know is within our reach: a world with an economy that works for people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities. Thousands in cities across California, and the world, will participate in events to support the New York March.

And we need to make sure that our local leaders know that we are also watching, and we too demand climate action now. On September 21, hundreds of San Diegans will come together for the People’s Climate March San Diego to support the marchers in New York, pledge to take personal action, and to call for immediate action on climate change here at home.

Climate change impacts are already in evidence and will be unthinkable if we fail to act – including weather changes, political instability, food shortages, drought, mass extinction of species, and ecological damage. A recent report by the San Diego Foundation anticipates frequent flooding in low-lying areas like Mission Beach, more frequent and intense wildfires, even further threatened water sources, and a hotter and drier climate for San Diego by 2050, all resulting in very real detriment to our quality of life, our economy, our health, and our planet

Our September 21st march will send a strong message: as individuals, we are changing our ways in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and we call on our elected officials to do their part. Only together can we combat the trend of an overheating planet. Our specific demands are: a strong Climate Action Plan for San Diego; develop sustainable water policies; build affordable mass transit and facilitate healthy communities; and support green jobs and clean energy.

Please Join us for the People’s Climate March SD on Sunday, September 21. We will gather at City Hall at 12:30 pm to call for a strong Climate Action Plan alongside Todd Gloria, President of the San Diego City Council, stop at American Plaza / Santa Fe Station to highlight transportation alternatives and end at the County Administration Building Park, where we will hear from local leaders representing different communities. The march is endorsed by a wide variety of local organizations. There will be organized bike rides and a designated Coaster to the events.

While many San Diegans already do a lot to combat climate change, the climate crisis is a huge problem that cannot be solved without changes in local and national policy. That’s why it’s crucial that as many people are there Sept. 21 as possible to make sure elected representatives understand just how critical this issue is.

Where will you be Sept. 21?  RSVP today!